Available positions

Our group uses photon-based (both x-ray and optical) techniques to study the atomic and electronic structure of several classes of materials, including single crystals, thin films, and heterointerfaces. We perform synthesis and optical measurements in our lab and at external facilities (in particular, light sources) around the world. For any current openings in our group, please see project descriptions below.
If you are interested in a position within the group, please contact us at rcomin AT mit DOT edu

Current openings

We have a 2-year postdoctoral position available for a project on resonant soft X-ray coherent diffractive imaging studies of electronic/magnetic orders in quantum materials. The ideal candidate would have knowledge and prior experience in the following areas (in order of importance): (1) X-ray lensless imaging experiments and phase retrieval algorithms; (2) resonant soft X-ray experiments; and (3) study of collective phases in quantum materials (charge-density-waves, antiferromagnetism, skyrmions, etc). The postdoc will be affiliated with MIT but work will be based at the Advanced Light Source in LBNL, in the team of Sujoy Roy.
Please find a more detailed description of the project here

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